The cloudLibrary is a digital library that features ebook and audiobook downloads. Patrons of Monroe Community Library receive free access to the cloudLibrary with their membership.

To get started, download the free cloudLibrary app to your cell phone, tablet, or ereader. Please note that a Wi-Fi connection is required to download the app. In addition, a connection and data usage are required to download each ebook and audiobook title you wish to borrow. A Wi-Fi connection or data are not necessary to read or listen to books after downloading. Each book or audiobook remains accessible to you for 21 days, and you can read or listen anywhere!

Once the cloudLibrary app is installed on your mobile device or tablet, you can also browse, borrow, and download books on your laptop or desktop. Full directions and tutorials for using cloudLibrary are available on the cloudLibrary website. If you do not have a reliable internet connection at home or you do not want to use data to download ebooks or audiobooks to your device, you may use the free Wi-Fi at the library to download your items.

The first time you use the cloudLibrary, you’ll be asked to select your country, your state, and your home library (Monroe Community Library) from dropdown lists and to enter the barcode number on your library card. (Call or email the library, if you can’t find your patron number). Now you’re a cloudLibrary user!

Borrowing: If an item is available to borrow right away, simply click the green “Borrow” button, wait for the item to download, and then click the “Read” or “Listen” button, depending on whether the item is an ebook or audiobook. If an item you want is currently checked out, you will see a blue “Hold” button. Newer items may have a wait time of a month or more, but since many patrons will return the item sooner than 21 days, placing a hold is always a good idea! As a courtesy to other borrowers, if you finish an item before 21 days elapse, please return the item immediately! To return an item to the cloudLibrary, select the “My Books” tab located at the bottom of your screen, and click the red “Return” button.

To check availability of an item you placed on hold, select “My Books” (located at the bottom of your screen), and click the “Holds” tab. Once it becomes available, next to the cover image of an item you have placed on hold, you will either see the green “Borrow” button or the date when the item will become available. You may cancel a hold at any time by clicking the red “Remove Hold” button on your “Holds” page.

For cloudLibrary related questions, please call the library (207) 525-3515 or request a cloudLibrary tutorial the next time you visit the library! We’re happy to assist you!